Fullerton’s Mayors

by Fern Richardson on 02/19/2010 · 1 comment

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Yes, I said mayors. As in the plural of “mayor.” And no, I’m not talking about the two members of city council currently serving as “Mayor of Fullerton.” I am referring to people who have earned the title of “Mayor” in the smart phone app/game called foursquare.

foursquare is pretty fun, but it’s hard to describe why. The concept sounds kind of dumb, and quite frankly, like something a creepy stalker invented, but I promise that it’s fun. Basically, you load the app onto your phone (available for the iPhone, Blackberry or Android platforms at the moment) and then “check in” when you arrive somewhere. According to foursquare, it’s a “cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game that rewards you for doing interesting things.”

When you check in the people who you are friends with through foursquare see where you when they open up foursquare on their phone. You can also sync foursquare with your Twitter and Facebook accounts so your friends will be alerted about your daily travels, if you’d like. When you’ve checked into a place more than anyone else, you are crowned “The Mayor” of that place.

That’s where the fun part starts. Some places offer special benefits for the person who is the mayor of their establishment. Other places are even more generous and offer a discount or freebie simply for checking in to foursquare from their business.

In addition to being crowned mayor (which can be snatched away if someone else surpasses you in visits to that place) you can also earn badges for all sorts of things. It’s a fun surprise to unlock them, because most badges are for things you didn’t realize you were doing, like going to karaoke bars too much. Oh, and you can also leave tips at places where you’ve checked in, like “try Rutabagorz’s the mac and cheese, it’s really good.”

If you’d like to friend me on foursquare, my user name is fmiFullerton.

Here are some other people you might want to friend, they’re mayors of various Fullerton establishments…

  • Router Guy – Wendell is the mayor of a whole bunch of places, including Big’s Sports Bar & Grill, Bourbon Street, Kansai Sushi, Mulberry St Ristorante, and Pint House.
  • Brianna D. – Brianna is the mayor of a lot of places (18 and counting) but the only one in Fullerton proper is Rutabagorz.
  • Nicholas N. – His photo might be a little silly, but this guy has basically got Fullerton covered, he’s the mayor of 25 places, 11 of which are in Fullerton. Everywhere from Target to 2J’s Cocktail Lounge.
  • Colleen G. – She’s the mayor of Cal State Fullerton. That sees like a big win to me.
  • Zeke F. – You just knew someone with a name like “Zeke” would be the mayor of SlideBar, right? Zeke also has Zling’s Bistro, Heros, and Boston Market.

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