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Have you heard? There is a great new magazine in Fullerton called “Votre Fullerton.” It’s a monthly magazine with pages full of interesting, insider information about Fullerton’s restaurants, shops, events, and anything else that has to do with our city. In the first issue, I have an article about some Fullerton-based artisans selling their awesome wares on Etsy. And I have another article in the September issue about the best free wifi spots in Fullerton.

Want to subscribe? You can do so right here. Or you can pick up a copy at Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir, Amerige Tobacco, Z-kids, lolo a boutique, Elizabeth Designs, or Bookmachine (inside the Hibbleton gallery).


Fullerton’s Mayors

Yes, I said mayors. As in the plural of “mayor.” And no, I’m not talking about the two members of city council currently serving as “Mayor of Fullerton.” I am referring to people who have earned the title of “Mayor” in the smart phone app/game called foursquare.

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Fullerton’s Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras in DTF

I went down to Bourbon Street’s Mardi Gras celebration yesterday, and I didn’t see any flashers, though bead necklaces were everywhere, including hanging from tree branches. Though in all fairness, I was there around 6pm, and the “adult” activites weren’t supposed to start until 10. I did snap a few photos though…

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What I Learned About Doing Errands on Foot in Downtown Fullerton

Yesterday I decided to walk to the Post Office and then to the library instead of driving, and I have to say, it was a very pleasant experience. It’s hard to resist cliches when you talk about walking somewhere as opposed to driving there. You really do have a chance to notice your surroundings more. It really is less stressful […]

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Who Reviews Fast Food Joints Anyway?

I’ve found some pretty funny reviews of Fullerton establishments on Yelp, which is a helpful website when you’re trying to figure out which places are worth a try and which are damn near close to toxic. But who in their right mind reviews a Del Taco or a Carl’s Jr.? I mean, you don’t have […]

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10 Great Etsy Sellers Hailing From Fullerton

Everyone is into “local” these days. Surely you’ve heard of the locavore movement that encourages people to buy food produced nearby their home? Buying locally grown produce and cheese, meat, bread, etc is a great way to reduce all of the pollution created by transporting food long distances. It’s also a wonderful way to help […]

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The Trader Joe’s Ring of Fire – Why Aren’t There Any TJs in Central OC?

When I moved to Fullerton, I started Googling to see where all the stores that I regularly shop at are located. I’ve been a regular shopper at Trader Joe’s since I moved to the San Fernando Valley to go to college. I continued shopping there when I moved to Long Beach, and I expected to […]

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Hello World! Or At Least Orange County. Maybe Only Fullerton?

I never planned on living behind the Orange Curtain, but here I am in sunny rainy Fullerton! Never say never!

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